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A Simple Way to Eating Delicious Funnel Cakes

Today is a great day because Funneled Through is coming to you! Have you had one of our funnel cakes yet? It's Deep-Fried Heaven on a plate! Our funnel cakes are powder dusted to perfection and that will make you lick your fingertips every time! Funneled Through brings fluffy delicacies to your neighborhood because we are on the move! We bring the atmosphere of the state fair to you! Once we set up, we make it taste like home with our own special blend of sugar, fruits, batter, and passion! What are you waiting for? A sweet eternity is just around the corner and yes, it's a blast of everlasting flavor that will leave you craving more! Step into an enchanted bliss with each enchanted bite of one of our funnel cakes today as tears of joy overwhelm you! 

Boom! It's an explosion of flavor that is crispy and perfect....

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What Customers Say

"These are the most succulent funnel cakes I have ever had! I must bring my family and friends to get the Funneled Through experience!

- Sam

"I went back to my childhood with Funneled Through! This takes nostalgia to the next level and it includes a blast of flavor!

- P Chandra

"An old American classic just got better with Funneled Through! I love the variety of toppings that are offered and the artistic presentation of each funnel cake! A+ for the product and customer service!

- T Thomas